Technical Info on Lockwood Dials

Materials and Craftsmanship

We guarantee the accuracy and quality of our dials. We use specialised printing methods and inks of the highest quality in the manufacture of our car dials. This ensures that they will never peel, discolour or fade. Our Research & Development team, our design department and our print-finishing specialists enable us to produce dials that always fit perfectly. All of this contributes to our being able to offer dials at a price and quality that few can match.

Dial Face Colour

In our standard range, many of our car dials.

Night-time Illumination for ‘ front lit’ car dials.

‘Front lit’ means that the dials are illuminated by bulbs in front of the dial that shine onto its face. With these, the Lockwood dial is designed to fit on top of the original dial, so the needles (arrow pointers) do not have to be removed in order to fit the new dial. Fitting ‘guidelines’ are supplied.

Night-time illumination for ‘back-lit’ car dials.

‘Back lit’ dials are illuminated by bulbs or LED's inside the instrument panel, so we use specialised translucent, coloured inks to allow the light to shine through. Sometimes we offer a choice of illuminating colour and, where this is so, the options appear under the ‘More Details’ section of the web page that deals with that dial. We always produce dials with illumination that is sufficiently bright to be read at a glance during night-time driving. ‘Back lit’ dials must be removed before the new one can be fitted. Instructions are supplied