Steel Mesh

If you want stainless steel mesh for making a radiator grille, this is the best stainless steel mesh you can get. Our prices for Stainless steel mesh are hard to beat. We stock stainless steel grille mesh in the sizes listed but if you want a different size, Contact Us with the size of the grille mesh you require.

Stainless steel grille mesh allows maximum airflow while giving ultimate protection to your radiator. The advantage of using stainless steel grille mesh is that it doesn't rust. More and more people are making their own car radiator grilles. Radiator grille mesh serves two important functions, one is, it protects your radiator and your engine. And two, it makes your car stand out from the crowd. Stainless steel grille mesh is not only in demand for car radiator grilles, it is also used for grilles of various sorts.

This woven stainless steel wire mesh is referred to in the car trade as '3 mesh' which means 3 holes to the inch. The grade of stainless steel is 316, the best you can get, perfect for car radiator grilles and vents. And, with the wires running diagonally, it looks its very best, giving a diamond effect rather than a square effect. That's the way Aston Martin, Jaguar & Ford etc. fit it. It doesn't just look superb when newly fitted, it keeps its good looks for a lifetime, in all weathers. This stainless steel mesh will not dent or lose its shape, like cheaper grill meshes do when bombarded with stones thrown up by the cars in front.

This is a quality product, and you will need good quality wire cutters to cut it, similar to the ones used for cutting piano wire. So fit the best, and you'll be proud of the way it looks.