Impreza Dials. Imported Model (93-2001) 110 MPH & 8000 RPM. Part No 40HHH2

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Please check the description below to ensure that this is the correct product for your vehicle.

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*These Dial faces are to replace those in an imported Impreza from approx 1993 to 2001 - often known as the 'classic' model. Note: This is for an imported Impreza that hasnot had a speedo converter fitted - so the speedo only goes up to 112 MPH, which is equivalent to the original 180 KMH speedo. (If your Impreza has had a speedo-converter fitted then you require our dial reading up to 180 MPH - click the back button to view part No. 40KKK2). This is for models with an 8000 RPM Rev. Counter.

Please compare the dials in your vehicle with the photograph above and carefully checkall the details below.

* For Manual and Automatic. These dial faces are suitable for both manual and automatic models. (The manual impreza does not have the automatic gear indicator strip between the speedo and rev. counter).

* Heater Control Panel. Those who replace the dials in their Impreza usually replace the Heater-control Panel.Click for details.

* Illumination. The letters, digits & calibrations on these dials are printed with translucent ink. They will illuminate using the same bulbs that illuminate your existing dials, so there are no wires to be connected to your wiring circuit as there would be if you were to fit indiglo (electro-luminescent) dials. And Lockwood dials will not gradually grow dimmer as electro-luminescent dials have been known to do, they will always look as good as the day you fitted them.

*Dial Colour & illumination. You may choose the Dial Face Colour & Night-time illumination Colour from one of the following combinations:

Silver, Yellow, Cream & Gold Dals come with Green night-time illumination.

Red & Blue dial faces come with White night-time illumination.

To choose the colour of dial face and night-time illumination you prefer, use the drop-down box above.

* Km/h to MPh Conversion. For some helpful information click the following link:Dials for imported vehicles

*Removal of the needles: feedback from customers has informed us that removing the needle pointers on the Temperature & Fuel gauges can be a little awkward. As a result we have devised a system of fitting the temperature & fuel gauge dials without having to remove the needles on these two smaller gauges. It involves two small cuts in each dial face to remove the originals and then the Lockwood faces have a small blanking piece to cover the pre-existing slot in the Lockwood Dials. The end result is excellent - see photo.

*Fitting Lockwood Dials.Throughout the world, many professionals in the automotive industry, plus hundreds of thousands of ordinary car owners who have had no technical training, have fitted Lockwood Replacement Dials. And, over the years, we have recieved suggestions from people who have fitted them. We have selected the best of these suggestions as the basis for a step by step guide. For years now, we have been including a copy of this guide with every dial kit we send out. We feel sure that you will find the guide extremely helpful.

* Our GuaranteeEven the professionals in the automotive industry choose Lockwood Dials. They do so because we guarantee their accuracy and quality. They are made from heat resistant polycarbonate, a premium grade substrate, which is guaranteed not to distort or crack. They are printed with specialised inks that are guaranteed never to discolour, fade, peel or bubble. You only replace your dials once, so don't settle for second best, choose Lockwood Dials and you won't be disappointed.

* Our returns policy. We are confident that you will be delighted with your new dials but, if when you receive them, you discover you have ordered the wrong ones, you may return them within 10 days and, providing they are in a re-saleable condition, we will refund your purchace price in full.

* Help Desk If you are unsure about any of the above details and you would like to speak to one of Lockwood's friendly advisors, please ring our Help Desk 0113 2440070. If you ring Mon. to Fri. between 8. A.M. and 5 P.M. we always answer the phone promptly (we sometimes finish a little earlier on Friday). Or you can email:[email protected]