Dial Fascias - MPH Scale

Lockwood car dials, speedometers & gauges have an international reputation for style and quality. We manufacture our car dial faces, gauge faces & speedometer faces in our own factory here in Leeds. They are designed and produced by craftsmen who monitor their accuracy and quality at every stage of their development. We use specialised inks so that gauges, dials and speedometers can be read easily, and we employ advanced printing techniques in the manufacture of our car dials to ensure that the ink will never discolour, fade, bubble or peel. After they have been cut out, our car dials are hand finished and inspected to ensure that every car dial leaving our premises is flawless, and will be a perfect fit. For these reasons you can fit Lockwood Car Dials into your instrument cluster with confidence. We specialise in white and coloured car dials, gauges, speedometers and KMH to MPH conversion dials. Our prices are very competitive and we pride ourselves on our reliability and prompt delivery. Experts in the automotive trade confidently fit our dials, gauges, speedometers etc. and many specialist vehicle importers fit our dials, speedometers and gauges when they need KMH to MPH conversion dials or MPH to KMH conversion dials. And hundreds of thousands of private car owners have fitted Lockwood dials, speedometers or gauges in their car.