Mercedes A250 MPH to KMH Conversion Dial for imported / exported vehicle. Part No. C1827

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Please check the description below to ensure that this is the correct product for your vehicle.

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This KMH Dial fascia is to replace the MPH Dial in a Mercedes A250.
But to make sure that this is the correct conversion dial you need, please compare the Dial/s in your vehicle with the image/s above taking particular note of the speed and check all the details below.

Fitting this Fascia will convert the Speedometer reading from MPH to KMH.

With this conversion the odometer (distance travelled) will continue to record in miles (there is no legal requirement for this to be converted)

Government transport authorities require that speedometer displays must be visible in daylight and when illuminated in darkness. Markings must be accurate & durable. Our replacement dial faces are compliant with these legal standards and requirements. Cheaper options such as plastic stickers and paper overlays do not meet these legal requirements.

Illumination: Like the original dials, the letters, digits & calibrations etc. on these dials are printed with specialized translucent inks. They will illuminate in the same way as the original dials, using the existing lighting in the cluster.

Information Symbols: Many dials have small information symbols within the dial face (e.g. oil, battery, brake lights, seat belt, air bag etc.). Usually each symbol will not be visible until it is activated & illuminates. In cases where dials contain these symbols, we provide an image to show them (the photo is taken with a light behind the dial to illuminate all the symbols). If your dial contains these symbols check that they match with the ones shown in our image. (If symbols are not shown on the image above, click for more images).

This Dial fascia is manufactured from industry standard materials; including a Polycarbonate substrate and printed to a high standard using premium quality inks. We guarantee that our Dials will not distort or crack and the inks will not discolour, fade, peel or bubble (as happens with cheaper alternatives).

We have a long history of supplying conversion Dials to the vast majority of professionals within the Automotive industry.

All our dials have been manufactured to an original reference dial and are suitable for the model stated.  Vehicle manufacturers change their designs occasionally so it is your responsibility to carefully check all the details are correct for your model variant.

For some general information regarding conversion dials for imported / exported vehicles, click the following link: Dials for imported vehicles

If, after comparing the dials you are still not sure, then send us a good quality, daylight photo of the dials in your vehicle with as many details visible as possible. If your dials have information symbols within the dials e.g. oil, battery, brake lights, seat belt, air bag etc. try to show as many of these as possible. We will then advise you. Send images to: [email protected] 

If you have any questions we are here from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30 am until 1:30 pm on Friday. Please ring +44 (0) 113 2440070. Or submit your enquiry on our contact us form 

Trade Customers: Qualification for trade discount can be applied on the 3rd order (or on an initial order of 3 dial fascias). All orders thereafter can qualify for the trade discount.