Help When Importing or Exporting Vehicles

Please note this extract from the Department of Transport legislation (quotation in italics):

Imperial Speedometer

Great Britain uses imperial units for speed measurement. The law requires that speedometers must include a miles-per-hour display. Please note in particular that any modified display must be visible in daylight and in darkness.

Markings may be added to the existing speedometer provided they are:

  • accurate;
  • durable;
  • can be seen clearly in daylight and when the instrument is lit during darkness.

The following statement is from the VCA application form for a mutual recognition certificate.

That a speedometer has been fitted which is capable of indicating speed in both miles per hour and kilometres per hour, either simultaneously, or by operation of a switch.

Note: We can not accept secondary devices, hand written changes or multiple stickers applied to the speedometer. We can only accept the changes detailed below.

The speedometer must be marked up to the maximum speed of the vehicle, with graduations at 1, 2, 5, or 10mph, and with values at intervals not exceeding 20mph. For this change we can accept the following options.

  1. That the factory fitted speedometer is dual marked as standard
  2. The existing (digital) speedometer is, permanently, re-programmed, through a standard feature of the vehicle, to display the vehicle speed in mph
  3. A miles per hour speedometer is fitted in-place of the factory fitted unit
  4. A professional, single, miles per hour, overlay is applied directly to the speedometer face plate, not the glass front plate (the overlay must be durable and accurate, with markings visible in both day and night driving conditions).
  5. A dual marked dial / facia has been added as a replacement to the factory fitted one

All Lockwood Dials conform to the above requirements.

Km/h to MPH dial conversion? (or vice versa), look no further.

If you have to convert a speedo from Km/h to MPH, it is not always necessary to replace the entire instrument cluster, sometimes you can simply replace the speedo face with a Kmh to MPH dial. We manufacture Kmh to MPH dial faces for hundreds of different models, so check our extensive range by clicking ChooseYour Dials .

Follow the instructions below to find the dial to fit your vehicle, but if you can't find it, don't hesitate to phone and speak to one of our friendly advisors. If necessary we can manufacture the dial you need (even though the cost of producing a new dial for you is considerably more than the cost of the ones that we already have in stock, the cost is still much, much less than purchasing a new set of instrument clocks from a main dealer).

Fitting the Dials: Many members of the public who purchase our conversion dials fit them themselves. However if you would prefer to have them fitted by a professional then we can give you the contact details of an instrument technician nearest to you who will carry the work out.

Ring 0113 2440070 (Outside of U.K. 44113 2440070) or email [email protected] .

How to find the dial face you need

Take a photograph of your Kmh speedometer and bring it to the computer. Click ChooseYour Dials and select the Lockwood MPH speedo you believe to be the one you need. Next, compare your Kmh speedo with the Lockwood speedo. Then using the diagrams below as a guide, follow the steps outlined. (If you get stuck, give us a ring). Ignore the MPH scale on the Lockwood dial and concentrate only on the Kmh scale, (that's the smaller inner scale), and carry out the following three checks.

  1. Check that the Kmh scale on the Lockwood speedometer, starts and finishes at exactly the same positions as the Kmh scale on your speedometer.
  2. Check that the Kmh calibrations at the 3 o’ clock and 9 o’ clock position on the Lockwood speedo correspond exactly with the Km/h positions at 3 o’ clock and 9 o’ clock on your speedo.
  3. Check that the Kmh calibration at the 12 o’ clock position on the Lockwood speedo is identical with the Kmh calibration at 12 o' clock on your speedo.

The two clocks below are simply an example to show you how to make the comparison.


Remember, you are only comparing the Km/h scale (the smaller inner scale) on the Lockwood dial. If the Kmh calibrations match yours at all of these five positions this could be the conversion dial you are looking for. We supply clear, easy to follow step by step fitting guidelines with many of our dials. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary car owners have fitted Lockwood replacement dials in their cars.

A note about Speedo converters

Some importers fit a Kph to MPH 'speedo converter'. This is a tiny device, sometimes electrical other times mechanical. These convert the signal to the speedo from KpH to MPH. They may then simply put an MPH sticker over the Kp/h scale to hide it. Many who have a car fitted with a speedo converter still opt. to also have replacement clock faces fitted.

Note to Vehicle Importers and Customisers. Enquiries welcomed. We are specialists. We already make dials for numerous vehicle importers and customisers. Our prices are hard to beat and we pride ourselves on the speed that we fulfill orders. All enquiries are welcomed.

More and more cars are being imported into the U.K. and require the speedometers converting from Kph to MPH.