Lockwood White Dials
Lockwood car dials have an international reputation. Fifteen years ago, white dials became the 'in thing' for interior styling when Ford introduced them in their Ford Cosworth.  Soon White clocks were in big demand by boy racers interested in car styling.  Before long, thousands of Lockwood gauges were being fitted.  Now the number is in the hundreds of thousands. And this number keeps on growing.  There were very few manufacturers of replacement dials fifteen years ago, and most of the dials that were on offer back then were of very poor quality, and the delivery was painfully slow, that was until Lockwood came onto the scene. We produced car dials to the highest technical specifications, and we rapidly increased our range until we catered for all popular makes and models. Soon there came to be a demand for coloured replacement dial faces and, more recently, the demand for KM/h to MPH conversion dials has increased rapidly. The name Lockwood is now synonymous with car styling. Many limited editions sport Lockwood dials, and specialist importers of foreign cars use our services for KMH to Mph conversion dials, not to mention the numerous private individuals who import a car and depend upon us for KM/h conversion dial faces .  As our reputation continues to grow, so does our range. You can fit Lockwood replacement dials with confidence.

Woven Stainlless Steel Mesh Grilles, Perforated Stainless Steel Grills and DIY Woven Stainless Steel Mesh.
Few things improve the appearance of a car more than a Lockwood, stainless steel mesh grille. This mesh is woven from 316-grade stainless steel wire, and is designed to keep its good looks for the lifetime of the car.  That is why Aston Martin, Jaguar, Ford, and many others use this grade and style.  This woven mesh grille will not rust or oxidise like cheaper mesh does, and the grill will allow ample airflow and give complete protection.  This grille mesh will not dent or lose its shape when struck by flying stones because stainless steel is an extremely tough material.  We at  Lockwood manufacture Citroen grilles, Ford grilles, MG grilles, Mazda grilles, Peugeot grilles and Vauxhall grilles.
Made from bright annealed stainless steel and woven stainless steel mesh, these Lockwood Grilles provide maximum ventilation and are designed to fit perfectly. They keep their stunning good looks for a lifetime.   Stainless steel mesh and perforated stainless steel are perfect for car radiator grilles because they don't dent or distort when stuck by flying stones.  Stainless steel mesh and perforated stainless steel are the preferred choice of millions of car owners.  Don't worry about fitting them, because thousands of other ordinary car owners have done it by following our clear and simple step-by-step instructions.
DIY Stainless Steel Mesh Cut to Size. If you wish to make your own grill or vents, the pre-cut sizes we stock are listed under DIY Stainless Steel Mesh, but we will cut any size you require.  Contact one of our friendly advisers with your requirements, by phone or email, and we will quote you a price immediately and providing we receive your order before 3 P.M. we will endeavour to dispatch it the same day. But please note, because it is not flimsy like other mesh on the DIY market, you will need good quality wire cutters, the type used for cutting piano wire. It may take a little longer to fit woven stainless steel wire mesh, but once fitted, you’ll be proud of it and it will give you pleasure every time you look at it.    Our prices are hard to beat and we pride ourselves on prompt delivery.

Stainless steel Car door Sill protectors, sill plates, scuff plates and kick plates

Many new cars, such as BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, MG, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota, Vauxhall and Volkswagen, come out of the showroom without door sill plates or kick plates, and if the new owner doesn’t fit sill protectors, it is not long before the doorsills look shabby.   Lockwood International manufacture stainless steel sill protectors, or Stainless steel scuff Plates for all of the above cars to protect the doorsill from being scraped by people’s shoes.   Stainless Steel is the preferred material for sill plates because it is so robust and it keeps its good looks for a lifetime.  These Sill protectors are etched with an attractive logo engraved into the surface of the metal to ensure that the logo will never wear off. Like all of Lockwood’s products, our sill plates, sill protectors, kick plates and scuff plates come to you with a guarantee.  If you are not delighted with t hem we send you your money back.  You can be in no doubt, that if your door sills are not protected, sooner or later they will get scratched (either by your feet, your passenger feet, your childrens feet or even your dogs feet!).   So don't take the risk, fit Lockwood sill protectors. Once fitted, these kick plates will protect your doorsill for a lifetime. And if your sills  are already  scratched, Lockwood stainless steel sill protectors will make your doorsills look better than new.